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About us
What is this site? is a gambling app which solely uses Bitcoin. We aim to be the most professional, fun and reliable website for high-stakes gambling with these coins.

There are other casinos, of course. However, we believe that the best gambling app must have the following characteristics:

  • Mathematically provable
  • Multiple popular games such as dice, video-poker, etc.
  • Fun & social
  • Instant & off-chain
  • Beautiful, professional & safe for work

We couldn't find a single casino that had all of them, so we created our own.

Who are you?

We are a bunch of engineers from all around the world, joined by our common fascination with the uses and potential of the blockchain technology.

What are they?

In short, digital currencies; mediums of exchange that use cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

Unlike traditional currencies such as USD or EUR they can be exchanged over the internet without the need for a third party. That, combined with the fact that transactions that use them can't be reversed, makes them ideal for gambling apps like this.

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was launched in 2009.

Where can I buy and/or sell some?

There are typically multiple markets operating at any given moment for each cryptocurrency. We recommend using Google to find the current leader for your cryptocurrency of choice.

For Bitcoins, we recommend

Mathematical provability
What does it mean?

It means that the results of our games can be verified mathematically, making it impossible for us to pick values that make you lose.

Unlike traditional casinos that can only promise fairness, we can guarantee it mathematically.

How do I verify the outcome of a bet?

Click the 'I' button on the bet list to see provable fair data for the bet.

See more about probably fair on Moneypot.

Our chat
I'm apparently banned from the chat. What can I do?
Bans, which are enforced at account level, are typically temporary, and you should be able to comment again eventually.
Why is the max wagered amount constantly changing?

As you probably know, your bets are placed in real time against Moneypots current bankroll.

To guarantee that there will be funds to pay their potential profit, we must ensure that it never exceeds the amount currently held in the bankroll.

Bets' profit is a function of the wagered amount and potential multipliers; we can't operate on nor limit the multipliers (because they depend on the game and is what makes them fun), so we must limit the amount you can wager.

What this means is that the max wagered amount is bound to the current bankroll; as the bankroll changes constantly (after most bets and every investment), so does the max wagered amount.

Why are there letters such as "J" and "K" in yellow backgrounds at the games' tabs?
They are keyboard-shortcuts: focus a numeric input (for example, click on the "Amount" input of the game), and press a key to trigger its linked action without having to use your mouse.
Why are the keyboard-shortcuts suddenly not working?

Maybe the input lost the focus.

Remember that you need to focus a numeric input for the shortcuts to be honored (for example, clicking on the "Amount" input of the game).

This is done to reduce the risk of triggering an action accidentally.

Bug Bounty / Responsible Disclosure Program
What is it?

At, we truly value the contribution that ethical and responsible security researchers play within the industry. The role that they play not only helps the reputation of our organization, but also protects the safety and privacy of our users.

In the spirit of responsible disclosure, we have implemented a program to permit the discovery of security-related issues with the possibility of rewards upon responsible disclosure.

Please review below for the rules, guidelines, and eligibility of the program.

How do I know if my bug qualifies?

We are looking for design or implementation issues that substantially affect the confidentiality or integrity of our users' data. Common examples include:

  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • SQL Injection Flaws
  • Authentication or authorization flaws
  • Critical/Sensitive information disclosure flaws
  • Server-side code execution bugs

Reports of other kinds of bugs such as interface design errors, missing translations, bruteforce attacks, etc., are welcome but might not qualify for a reward.

How much do you pay?
Our rewards start at USD 30, but the amount depends strongly on the severity of the bug.
Which rules should I follow?
  • If you believe you have found a vulnerability, do not share details about it with any third parties or the general public before it has been fixed and written permission is granted by us.
  • You can only conduct testing on/from within accounts that you own or have permission from the owner to test on.
  • Even if you believe you have found a security issue it is strictly prohibited to try to gain control of another user's account or data.
  • SPAM and DDoS attacks are never permitted.
  • Using of automated tools and vulnerability scanners against our infrastructure is strictly prohibited.
  • Automated/manual password guessing (also known as "bruteforce attack") against login forms is not permitted.
  • Using of non-technical techniques such as phishing and/or social engineering against our employees or users is strictly prohibited.
  • Physical attacks against equipment, infrastructure, offices, and/or employees and/or our partners are strictly forbidden.
Who are the current White-Hat hackers and how much have they made?
User Bounties claimed Amount received Bounties
User:psygamblerBounties claimed:1Amount received:$ 93.378
"My toddler/spouse/coworker placed a bet without my knowledge and lost some of my coins" /
"I misconfigured the bet automation and lost some of my coins" /
"I left my account open/used an unofficial app/shared my password and someone stole my coins".
Can I get a refund?

We are sorry but the answer is NO, and we make no exceptions. If we did, everyone would be tempted to cry foul every time they lost some coins.

Besides, we operate on such a thin margin that having to refund coins would throw us into the red sooner than later.