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About the game
How do you play?

This game is loosely based on the traditional shell game, which dates back to as far as Ancient Greece and is still being played in major cities around the world.

Our version is different in two ways, though: it doesn't involve visual skill, and it's mathematically provable. In fact, almost every game of shell played on the streets is actually a confidence trick, where the operator uses sleight of hand to make the player lose. In our version, the hidden payouts are not even calculated (they don't exist) until the player makes his choice, and therefore it would be impossible for us to trick him.

To play, you must first choose your preferred odds:

  • A low risk guarantees that you will receive frequent and consistent profits, but also that you probably won't multiply your coins by a big number
  • A high risk might seem disheartening because you will lose frequently, but it gives you the chance to win big time

The odds are chosen assigning relative weights to every potential payout / multiplier: the higher its relative weight, the more frequent a payout will be compared to the rest. You can even avoid a particular multiplier by removing its relative weight. Notice that the 0x multiplier's weight is calculated automatically, because that's how we guarantee that the expected return of the game is 99%.

You can select a default weight configuration, or define your own weights manually.

Once you have chosen the odds, you must input your wagered amount and click on one of the buckets. The system will process your bet, and show you which multipliers were under the buckets.

Mathematical provability
How do you calculate the outcome of a bet?

The final outcome of bets are calculate by a combination of a hashed result from moneypot (for provably fair) and a random seed value from our servers. See the bet info for more details.

How do I verify the result of a bet?

You can see more details about a bet by clicking the info-link next to the bet.

See moneypot probably fair docs for more details.